Masport 350 ST SP 18" Self Propelled Mower

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Masport 350 ST SP 18" Self Propelled Mower

Masport 350 ST SP Combo 18" POWERDRIVEN Petrol Lawn Mower 

As far as powerdriven, 4 wheeled rotary mowers go, The Masport 350 ST SP Combo is the cream of the crop, and is great value too. This is our pick for best value steel deck powerdriven machine on the market; it is a machine built to the highest standards of construction and one that boasts high-specification features throughout. You simply won't get a better machine for under £400-500, let alone for under £350.

The Masport 350 ST is a 3-in-1 powerdriven lawnmower, giving you three modes of operation: collection, rear-discharge and mulch. Great for regularly maintained lawns, mulching means clippings are re-cut and returned to the lawn where they rapidly rot and disappear, simultaneously nourishing the grass and removing the need to keep stopping to empty the collector.

With its powerful 140cc Briggs & Stratton 500e Series engine, 46cm cutting-width and self-drive system, the Masport 350ST is a fast, efficient way to look-after a medium-sized lawn. Its adjustable height-of-cut can be set as low as 10mm, for a beautifully neat finish, while its Dual Mowzone design extends the blade-coverage beyond the wheels, allowing you to mow right up to walls, kerbs and fences.

Built around a rugged pressed-steel chassis and using only high-quality components, the Masport 350ST really stands out in build quality and durability bersus its rivals, and thus also in value for money. It is destined to give years of trouble-free service. Other benefits include and easy-emptying 46-litre grass-collector, made from robust plastic for added durability. Masport's Quick-Cut blade ensures superb performance in both collection and mulching modes. It is what's known as a swing-tip blade, whereby the ends of the blade pivot so as to avoid the costly and inefficient breaking of blades. The Masport 350 ST has large front and rear wheels which run on double ball bearings - the result is a really smooth backwards and forwards motion that seriously reduces the amount of effort required to mow your lawn.

As with all Masport lawn mowers, the 350 ST has a single-point height adjuster which enables you to change the depth of cut simply and easily in just a fraction of a second. The spring-loaded lever system employed to do this has been engineered to make this function virtually effortless.

    • Self Propelled
    • B&S 500E Series Engine, 140cc
    • Steel Deck
    • 46cm/18" Cutting Width
    • Plastic Catcher 
    • Capacity 46L
    • Single Lever Height Adjustment
    • 19-59mm Cutting Height
    • Quick Cut Blade
    • Dry Weight 35kg

Price includes VAT, 0.6L of 4 stroke oil and free delivery to mainland UK. Northern Ireland, Highlands, etc may incur delivery costs, please email or call for more information.

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