Lawn Tractors

Here at Mower Supermarket, we supply a variety of different lawn tractors. In this type of machinery, they feature a mid-mounted cutting deck. You can also use additional accessories, including brushes for spring cleaning, and snow-plough attachments. This category also includes lawn riders, which differ in that the cutting deck is located under the front of the vehicle, making them easier to manoeuvre.

Lawn tractors are best for very large lawns, with ride-on mower featuring a seat for the operator, with controls on the mower also. The drives for these kinds of lawn mowers commonly make use of either a manual transmission or a form of continuously variable transmission, called hydrostatic transmission.

Within this category, we have everything related to lawn tractors, including covers, trailer hitches, and different attachments. Prices for the lawn tractors themselves range from around under £1000 to £8,600.

To find out more about our lawn tractors, simply email us at, or phone us on 0117 982 2335. A member of the team will be happy to answer any queries you may have for us.

Lawn Tractors

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Al-Ko BF5002R-II Tractor Power Unit
The Al-Ko BF5002R-II Tractor Power Unit is a versatile machine, with a range of accesories avai.....
Ex Tax: £899.00
Al-Ko CB870 Scythe Attachment
The Al-Ko CB870 Scythe Attachment attaches to the Al-Ko BF5002-R to create a 87cm Scythe mower, whic.....
Ex Tax: £329.00
Al-Ko CF500 Tiller Attachment
The Al-Ko CF500 Tiller Attachment turns your Al-Ko BF5002R in to a powerful tiller, ideal for tillin.....
Ex Tax: £349.00
Al-Ko Edition Tractor Deflector Plate - 110981
Al-Ko Edition Tractor Deflector Plate: This deflector fits the Al-Ko T16-92 (AK119725) and the .....
Ex Tax: £149.00
Al-Ko KW1050 Sweeper Brush
The Al-Ko KW1050 attaches to the Al-Ko BF5002R Tractor unit to create a 105cm sweeper.   .....
Ex Tax: £749.00
Al-Ko Powerline and Solo Tractor Bumper
Robust bumper which fits Al-Ko Edition or Solo Tractors built after 2014 on new platform Vaccuum Rea.....
Ex Tax: £79.00
Al-Ko Powerline Electric Grassbox Emptying Expansion Pack
Al-Ko Powerline Electric Grassbox Emptying Expansion Pack. Fits any Al-Ko Powerline tractor from .....
Ex Tax: £249.00
Al-Ko Riding Plough Attachment
Combine the AL-KO BF5002-R power unit and this Ridging Plough and you will make easy work .....
Ex Tax: £89.00
Al-Ko Snow Chains
A pair of snow chains to fit the AL-KO BF5002-R Combi Power Unit. Cobine these chains with the Al-Ko.....
Ex Tax: £99.00
Al-Ko Solo Deflector
The deflector enables grass clippings to be deflected to the rear when the grass bag is not being us.....
Ex Tax: £149.00
Al-Ko Solo R7-62.5 Ride-On Mower
The Al-Ko Solo R7-62.5 is a premium ride on mower and with a width of only 78cm and 62cm cutting wid.....
Ex Tax: £1,449.00
AL-KO Solo Rider Deflector
This deflector fits the Al-Ko Solo Riders, R7-62.5 (AK127306) and R13-72.5 HD (AK127311). The def.....
Ex Tax: £149.00
Al-Ko Solo Rider Trailer Hitch
This trailer hitch fits the Al-Ko Solo Rider’s, models R7-62.5 (AK127306) and R13-72.5HD (AK127311)......
Ex Tax: £49.00
Al-Ko Solo T16-103.7 HD-V2 103cm Hydrostatic Tractor
The Al-Ko Solo T16-103.7 HD-V2 102cm Hydrostatic Tractor is a value for money garden tractor, which .....
Ex Tax: £2,699.00
Al-Ko Solo T16-105.5HD V2 38" Hydrostatic Tractor
The Al-Ko Solo T16-105.5 HD V2 The solo by AL-KO T16-105.5 HD V2 lawn tractor features a powerful 65.....
Ex Tax: £2,999.00