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  • Eliet Maestro 5.5HP Petrol Chipper

Eliet Maestro 5.5HP Petrol Chipper

  • Product Code: ELMAESTRO
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  • £1,204.95

Eliet Maestro 5.5hp Petrol Chipper: The Eliet Maestro 5.5hpPetrol Chipper offers excellent output and efficiency and a seemingly endless capacity. The chopper tackles the green waste from kitchen and garden like a champion. As there is a great variety of waste to be composted, the Maestro is perfectly able to play all the trump cards of the unique Eliet Chopping principle.

It is beyond imagination what different kinds of waste the machine processes. Due to the special configuration of the knives, not a single piece of green waste escapes.

The high number of chopping movements produces extremely finely chopped material which is perfect for composting. The collecting bag of the shredder does a clean job, as well, and additionally allows for the easy transport of the chips to the compost container. The contents of one full collecting bag easily fills a wheel barrow. The Eliet Maestro Petrol Chipper is a compact machine which can be transported to the remotest corners of your garden.

You will gradually have to get used to the fact that the garbage bag for vegetables, fruit and garden waste is no longer needed.

Eliet Maestro 5.5hp Petrol Chipper features:

* Chopping movement per min: 36,000

* Capacity 12 barrows/hr

* Max branch diameter 40mm

* Dimensions 1380x620x1220mm

* Collecting bag capacity 125 L

* Weight 50kg

* 12 HS steel reversible knives

* Direct transmission

* 1200mm feed-in height

* B&S 5.5hp Intek engine

Eliet Maestro 5.5hp Petrol Chipper carries a 2yr consumer warranty.

Price includes VAT and FREE engine oil.

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