Mitox LS700BS 7 Ton Vertical Log Splitter

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Mitox LS700BS 7 Ton Vertical Log Splitter

When only the most powerful log splitter will do, the Mitox LS700BS offers up to 7 tonnes of splitting force. This vertical log splitter is powered by a Briggs and Stratton 6.5hp 4 stroke engine and has a 3-position adjustable splitting table, with Mitox's Quicksplit function, so the splitting stroke can be tailored to the perfect size.

The Mitox LS700BS 7 Ton Vertical Log Splitter also features a four-way splitting wedge for even faster splitting of large quantities of wood - splitting the log in four different directions avoids having to split the same piece of wood over again.

With the emphasis on safety, the Mitox LS700BS vertical petrol log splitter features toothed grippers which are built into the hand guard. These grippers hold the log firmly in place, preventing any possibility of it slipping out. Two-handed operation is another important safety feature which protects the user's hands from the moving mechanisms of the machine.

Mitox LS700BS 7 Ton Vertical Log Splitter Features and Specification

Adjustable Table Height

All vertical log splitter models feature a 3-position log table for splitting logs up to 1040mm in length.

Safe in Operation

The two handed operation with handguards prevent the possibility of the operator’s hands being pinched by the splitter. As soon as a switch is released, the splitter returns to its start position.


The Mitox Multisplit 4-way splitting wedge reduces the biggest woodpile to perfectly sized firewood in a single stroke, saving time over having to split the same log multiple times.


Mitox horizontal log splitters can accept logs up to 520mm in length, and vertical splitters up to 1040mm. However when working with shorter logs, Quicksplit saves time by allowing adjustment of the pushblock start position, for a faster stroke.

Type Vertical Log Splitter
Motor Briggs & Stratton
Max Split Force 7 Tonne
Max Split Length 1040mm / 780mm / 520mm
Max Split Diameter 320mm
Weight 125kg

Price includes VAT, 0.6L of 4 stroke oil and free carriage to mainland UK. Northern Ireland, Highlands, etc may incur delivery costs, please email or call for more information.

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