McCulloch Two Stage Snow Blower

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McCulloch Two Stage Snow Blower

The McCulloch Two Stage Snow Blower is a powerful, high grade snow blower that will clear away even the thickest snow on your path or driveway. This large snow player has a forward and reverse drive, allowing you to clear the snow in any direction, and is ideal for use around a School or commercial business.

The Briggs and Stratton 800 205cc Snow Series engine drives both the Snow Blower and the large (16 inch 40cm) x-Trac tyres on the wheels of the machine with both forward and reverse gears. The blower has sturdy back handles for a great grip and greater control when clearing away the snow. The McCulloch Two Stage Snow Blower PM55 has a two stage process, which means that there are two mechanisms to move the snow. THe first being the auguer which feeds up the snow, and the high speed impeller then blows the snow out of the engine.

The McCulloch Two Stage Snow Blower PM55 has been built to last, and can be stored in your garage until needed this winter. Furthermore this snow blower has thick blades at the base that help churn up the snow.

McCulloch Two Stage Snow Blower Specification



Engine 205cc (3.7 kW) Briggs & Stratton 800 Snow Series OHV engine
RPM 3600
Working width 61 cm
Intake height 58.5cm
Auger diameter 30.5 cm / 12.01
Fuel tank capacity 3l
Weight 93 kg


Price includes VAT, 0.6L of 4 stroke oil and free delivery to mainland UK. Northern Ireland, Highlands, etc may incur delivery costs, please email or call for more information.

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