Mantis Electric Cultivator Tiller

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Mantis Electric Cultivator Tiller

Mantis Electric Cultivator Tiller: The New Mantis Electric Tiller / Cultivator details:

Application: Ideal for preparing allotments, vegetable plots, flower beds or other areas in the garden to be planted.

Handling: Highly manoeuvrable due its light weight. Leaves very fine tilth due to tine speed and shape. Simply rake soil flat after using the Mantis Tiller and you have a prepared seed bed in minutes.

Service: Made from high quality materials, only very basic maintenance and cleaning is required.

With the introduction of the NEW Electric version of the world famous and best selling Mantis Tiller, you can now use a Mantis in your garden in almost silence. The new model is the perfect solution for the home or hobby gardener, having the power and strength to perform many of your garden tasks.

The Mantis Tiller Cultivator, weighing in at just 21 lbs /9.5 kg, is the ideal tool for any garden, allotment or vegetable plot. Its unique "serpentine" tines cut through the soil to create a very fine tilth ready for planting or sowing seeds.

The tiller tines will dig down a full 10 inches / 25 cm, with a working width of 9 inches / 23 cm, even through hard packed earth.

The Mantis Tiller works in a unique way; the tines rotate forward at up to 240 rpm, (twice as fast as many other tillers), and as you guide the Mantis backwards, it is the resistance created that pulls the Mantis down into the ground. Walk backwards or move the tiller from side to side like a vacuum cleaner over one piece of ground until the desired level of tilling is reached. A new, 240v, 780w electric motor powers the Mantis Electric Tiller. Once started the tines do not turn until you accelerate the engine, using the control on the handlebars. It is controlled by a 3-speed control lever built into the handle bar grip and has a safety circuit breaker to prevent accidental damage to the motor or operator.

There is also a built in carry handle and cable hook to prevent the power cord from being accidentally pulled out of the socket, and the machine has folding handles for easy transportation.

The tines on the Mantis are guaranteed for life against breakage during normal use, all other parts of the tiller are guaranteed for two years against Manufacturing defects.

With over 1 million Mantis Tillers sold worldwide, we're confident that you will love your Electric Mantis.

Work Area: Weight - 20 lbs / 9 kg

Width - 9 inch / 23 cm

Depth - 10 inch / 25 cm

Guarantee: 2 Years on all components, lifetime against breakage in normal use on the tilling tines.

Price includes VAT and free delivery to mainland UK. Northern Ireland, Highlands, etc may incur delivery costs, please email or call for more information.


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