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  • Billy Goat F601V Pro Force Wheeled Blower

Billy Goat F601V Pro Force Wheeled Blower

  • Brands: Billy Goat
  • Product Code: BGF601V
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £820.00

The Billy Goat F601V Pro Force Wheeled Blower features the next level of performance and productivity in push blowers. Forget the fatigue factor associated with heavy metal machines, this model is a remarkable 30% lighter than comparable steel units and weighs only 35kg (76 lbs), making it a breeze to roll around the yard. Rounded composite housings coupled with 16-blade advanced fan technology completely eliminate traditional bends in metal housings. This eliminates air voids, reduces noise, lowers weight, and pushes the design envelope for blowing efficiency. There is also no rusting or denting and there is less stress on the engine shaft for longer life. The result is a dramatic jump in productivity, ergonomics and reliability. When combined with industry leading wheels, ergonomic handle design and the patented Aim-n-Shoot™ airflow technology, the F601V is the ultimate property cleanup tool.

FORCE - The World’s Most Powerful Wheel Blower Billy Goat offers the best of both worlds – unmatched blowing power and the lightest weight of any leading leaf blower. As improvements to backpack leaf blowers narrowed the performance gap to their wheeled cousins, manufacturers of the wheel blower did little to improve performance and operation of their products. That’s all now changed. Conceived through market research and hours of exhaustive computer optimization, the FORCE wheel blower represents a truly revolutionary design. Steel had to go—it is too heavy. Plastic is in—it’s light and it’s plenty durable. The FORCE weighs up to 17 pounds less than comparably powered steel competitors, it remains the quietest wheel blower, and it is tuned to produce unmatched blowing power. What more could you ask for? Billy Goat has successfully made the wheel blower once again an indispensable tool for the landscape contractor and large property owner

* Suspended Housing

The FORCE’s blower housing is isolated from the frame. This protects the housing and keeps weight down. The frame of this debris blower is in line with the direction of travel so the bottom of the blower housing won’t drag in the grass.

* Structural Reinforcement

The FORCE is one tough machine. Precisely placed ribbing absorbs over 300 pounds of impact over a 2.5” area. The FORCE push blower also lasted longer in the tortuous drum test than comparable steel units.

* Easy Rolling

Large rear wheels (13” x 5”) provide greater flotation and reduce rolling resistance. Not only does the Force weigh less, it is easier to push in grass than any comparably powered debris blower.

Computer Designed

As air is drawn through the ultra-efficient fan, it is spun into a larger chamber creating a progressive wave of pressure.

•Patented Aim N Shoot™

•205cc Briggs and Stratton Vanguard engine

•16" 16-blade advanced fan technology

•Smooth rounded housing

•Optional forward discharge

•2.3x the air volume of backpacks

* Velocity: Just under 200 mph 

* Fan: 16" 16-blade Single Shot Composite

* Discharge: 3.5"

* Engine: 205cc Briggs & Stratton

* Weight: 76 lbs

* Front Wheels: 8" x 3" Semi-pneumatic

* Rear Wheels: 10" x 13" Pneumatic

* Length: 43.5"

* Width: 22"

* Height: 26" (housing), 45" (handle)

* Warranty: 3 Year Engine, 1 Year Machine


Free bottle of engine oil included.

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