Ardisam 10 inch Auger Bit

Brand: Ardisam
Product Code: AR60855
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Ardisam 10 inch Auger Bit

The 10" earth auger is designed to make easy work of cutting through clay and compacted soil.The exclusive "Shock Absorb Auger" a replaceable coil shock spring that protects both operator and gear train from the damaging forces of imbedded rocks, roots and obstructions.


Shock Absorb
Shock springs are available for 6,8,10 inch earth augers.

Cutting blades are replaceable if damaged or blunt.

Exclusive "Shock Absorber" Auger
Ardisam's unique "Shock Absorber" design (as featured on 15cm/6", 20cm/8" and 25cm/10" augers) protects both the operator and gear train from the damaging forces of embedded rocks, roots and obstructions.

This bit is suitable for the Ardisam Earthquake One-Man 2-stroke Auger Power Unit.



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